Review: Skyrim

Skyrim is a excellent game that shows great RPG action.

Skyrim is the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series. Past titles in the series are Oblivion, Morrowind, Daggerfall and Arena. Skyrim is different than Oblivion because in Oblivion there are no dragons. If you are interested in being “Dragonborn” and slaying dragons, Skyrim may be the game for you. But even if you are less of the adventurous type, you might enjoy visiting each city (i.e. Helgen [ you’ve been here], Riverwood, Whiterun, Windhelm, etc). Perhaps joining the Thieves Guild in Riften or maybe the Companions (Warrior Guild) in Whiterun, The Dark Brotherhood (Assassins Guild) contacted through Windhelm. The game Skyrim is excellent to play and explore, one reason is that there is so much to explore. With the College of Winterhold for your inner mage, what else could you need. And if the Companions isn’t your thing join the Legion or the Stormcloaks to fight for the land and win over Solitude/Windhelm. Either wielding a battleaxe, drawing a bow or conjuring a flame atronach. You’ll surely have a good time in Skyrim.

Video Games

I am going to make a new part to my website, I am going to write about video games. Sorry I haven’t been writing recently, I just didn’t have had much time. In my entries I will have photos of what is happening. I also will review games.

How do we remember things?

The special way of thinking: the thought in our mind will portray what we believe. If you don’t understand what I am saying, it is that what you know you can explain to others. But, what you really know you can’t explain to others. What you really know is in a subconscious state, and you can’t even tell yourself what you are thinking. Inside your brain you have ways to remember things that you won’t know that that way is the way you remember them. But also others might not understand the way you remember something even if, you do. Continue reading

March Madness!

1.Who’s your pick?


I’m Bored`

Okay, like the title i’m bored. So, this is going to be a long post. It’s going to be a mix of some of your favorite styles and some new things.
We depend on each other. We can’t live without someone else. It’s important that we are with another human. Our minds will explode if we aren’t with our kind. That is what is important.

New! Sports News:
The hotel that the Patriots were sleeping in “caught on fire”.

The fire alarm got set off accidentally NOT, by any person for 10 minutes.
Brought to You by NFL.
Best _________ By City:
Best Food in Boston goes to: Bricco Salumeria
Best Activity In Orlando goes to: WonderWorks
Best Drink In NYC goes to the Bubble Lounge
Brought To You by me and other critics
I guess it’s not so loooooooooooooong but whatever.
Nice Not Really Meeting You,

This Week’s Q&A

Okay everybody, I wasn’t blogging for a while now so I thought about posting an all new…

Questions And Answers
Why do we feel motivated to do something? Questionable, it’s hard to answer.
Why do we care to be motivated?

Why do we even move?

These are all hard to answer. It is something to think about.
Yours Truly,

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Interesting Interview: Conquest of Theory and Fact

Why does a person persevere? Why don’t they live in utter boredom? Why do they care about being alive? To portray the meaning of why to care, I state the interest of this subject. I’m Oliver Szott speaking over a live chat to Mrs. Sandra Adams, 57 in Albany, NY. I ask “What do you think about why a person would actually care?”
Sandra answers by saying “Well, I think there could be several reasons. Number one they would care to know anything important to their survival.” I ask “Well one of the thing I mean is that why do they care that they are alive.” Sandra says: “Because they are alive, once your here your here” Oliver says: “But what I am saying it’s going to a question that may be the hardest question to answer, how do we even know why we are alive. Saying what is our god of existence, say” Sandra says: “Factually, we don’t know why we exist or why any thing exist we have scientific theories on how things happened to come into existence. And people have always believed in gods or a god. We only have theories or beliefs.” Oliver says: “But not factually the world just got invented by us and the terrain didn’t just show up it was it was built. Around us all we see is what we think we see. You know what I mean?” Sandra adds: “Like, how do we know it is real, not a dream.” Oliver says: “The world around us is there but, do we understand what it means, everything in science isn’t correct” Sandra Replies: “True well, yeah everything in science you know why it’s called the theory of evolution” “Yes” “To be a scientific fact, an experiment must be repeated over and over and every time the result must be the same just like in mathematics. The big bang theory of how the universe came to be is only a theory because it cannot be demonstrated over and over. The theory of Evolution cannot be repeated and so even though we have strong evidence it is true, it cannot be demonstrated repeatedly so it is a theory.” Oliver says: “Thank you” “Thank you” -Sandra adds. Thank you for reading this interview.

Questions And Answers?

The past and the future. Is what happened in the past influencing what is happening now? Yes. Is what happened in the future actually exist now? If you think this through it could be that it is a yes just not in our minds. Could what happened in the past be in another person’s mind? Are we living now or in the future? Because if you truly think about it it is now but, is it the future. Is it the future in 1 second from now? Yes.

Tente rígido (2 Idiomas) Try Hard (2 Languages)

In English:

What is the reason of us, living why? Why do we live why do we die? That is the ultimate question that could never be answered and if it can it could be, it would be answered in different ways from different people. We don’t know if us ourselves are right or are we wrong. We might all be wrong but does arguing help scientific fact does not necessarily mean the fact is true. But don’t get me wrong, it does not mean that it is not always true that sometimes a scientific fact can be true. Some of the hardest questions in life can’t be answered. So face it, there is no way to answer these questions so why bother? Well, because 99.9% of the time trying lets you succeed. Of course, like counting all the stars in the sky is never going to work but, like I said “trying lets you succeed”. Practice makes perfect. What are you going to learn today?  Try your best!

Em Português:

Qual é a razão de nós, vivendo por quê? Por que vivemos por que morremos? Essa é a pergunta final que nunca poderia ser respondida e se ele pode poderia ser, seria respondida de formas diferentes de pessoas diferentes. Nós não sabemos se nós mesmos somos direito ou estamos errados. Podemos estar todos errados, mas não argumentando ajuda fato científico não significa necessariamente que o fato é verdadeiro. Mas não me interpretem mal, não significa nem sempre é verdade, por vezes, um fato científico pode ser verdade a algumas das perguntas mais difíceis da vida não podem ser respondidas. Então, enfrentá-lo não há nenhuma maneira de responder a essas perguntas então por que se preocupar? Bem, porque 99,9% do tempo tentando lhe permite ter sucesso. É claro que, como contar todas as estrelas no céu nunca vai funcionar, mas, como eu disse “tentar permite ter sucesso“. A prática faz perfeito. O que você vai aprender hoje? Tente o seu melhor!